Bowls and Leaves

Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Suggestions to improve the effectiveness of our tonics and promote health and wellbeing

Once you’ve selected the tonics and remedies that are right for you, we recommend following some simple diet and lifestyle guidelines to maximise their effectiveness.

  • Gluten:Try lowering your intake of gluten or avoiding gluten altogether if possible. Gluten tends to accumulate in the intestine, hindering the effective absorption of nutrients.
  • Salt: Replace refined table salt with naturally harvested Celtic Sea Salt. Our Celtic Sea Salt is said to increase cell nutrient absorption by up to 7%.
  • Raw foods: Eat lots of whole foods and leafy greens. These raw foods aid digestion and promote a healthy alkaline pH in the blood.

As well as maintaining a healthy diet, try these for good measure.

  • Sleep: Getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night will make you feel rested and give nature time to get on with the healing process.
  • Move: Aim for 30 minutes regular exercise a day. Our lymphatic system requires body movement to keep distributing nutrients and removing waste efficiently. Walking in the sunshine is also a great way to soak up some vitamin D!
  • Breathe: Try some simple breathing exercises or yoga to help manage stress. Lowering your stress levels will also lower the production of acid in the body.
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