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Liver support and why it is so important

Sometimes we hear people talking about feeling a bit ‘liverish’ or they feel the need for a ‘detox’. These conversations usually lead to taking a product that has some action on the liver.

The liver is an enormously important organ as it is the centre of many our bodies biochemical pathways. From its effects on modulating our immune systems to its effects on our hormonal systems to our blood sugar and cholesterol levels and significantly detoxification – our liver is the second busiest organ after our brain.


Herbalists are often noted as being infatuated with the liver and with an understanding of how much influence any impaired liver function has on our health it is not surprising that many herbalists tend to always include hepatic herbs in to their formulations when dispensing for patients. Under ‘normal’ conditions the liver has a busy job however with the level of chemicals artificially manufactured by man and with our exposure to a vast amount of these on a daily basis supporting our liver has become vastly more important and the herbal/plant realm offers a number of options to support our health.


One of the more common health trends these days is to go through a ‘detox’. ALL detox programmes must include additional support for the liver – simply losing weight – fat loss - releases fat soluble chemicals that will have been stored in our bodies and these need to be removed efficiently before they can potentially cause damage. Interestingly many chemicals that we have in our bodies do not become toxic to us till they are being cleaned from our blood by the liver. Supporting and protecting the liver therefore becomes even more important.

Herbs to Support Liver and Digestion

Herbs such as Vervain and Yellow Dock support the liver and digestion by increasing secretions from the gall bladder. Our gall bladder is a storage organ for bile and bile helps in the process of breaking down fats that we eat but more importantly for the liver it drains waste or detoxified components from the liver and into our intestinal tract to be removed in the faeces. Yellow dock and also Rhubarb root have a mild laxative action which is useful when undergoing a detox as daily bowel motions are essential to remove the wastes from our bodies.

Ginger is particularly useful in liver formulations as it acts as a circulatory stimulant but also it supports digestion along with essential oils such as Cloves, Aniseed and Fennel which stimulate this process. They aid digestion and tend to act in synergy with Yellow dock and Vervain supporting our liver function.

To check if you may need some liver support for a ‘spring clean’ or a ‘detox’ for the best results make sure you discuss your specific needs with your local health professional.

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