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How our Herbal Remedies Work

Follow these Guidelines to get the Best Results from our Tonics


To get the best results from our tonics, cleanse the body first of parasites and toxins with Intestinal Cleanse for two weeks before starting a specific healing tonic. Once cleansed, the body is able to absorb the herbal tonics more effectively.

If this doesn’t fit with your time frame, don’t worry! It’s fine to start a healing tonic at the same time as Intestinal Cleanse should you want to begin a specific healing treatment immediately.



Supplement your cleanse with Sea Salt and New Zealand Kelp Powder which helps metabolise the herbal ingredients.

Our unprocessed Sea Salt and New Zealand Kelp Powder is hand-harvested and sun-dried to retain over 84 known trace elements and minerals. A sprinkle on your food each day helps absorption of nutrients and is a healthier alternative to traditional iodised table salt.



Our healing tonics are grouped into eight ranges, each created to restore wellness to the body as a whole and support the healthy function of organs and systems. Choose a tonic to support your body until balance is restored.

It's safe to take more than one tonic at a time

Our tonics complement each other so it’s safe to take more than one tonic at a time. Many like to use a constitutional tonic on a regular basis and supplement that from time to time with more specific tonics. So if you are taking a sleep tonic regularly for example, you may also use a tonic from the respiratory health range as well over winter.

Consult your natural health practitioner or ask our specialist if you would like more information about how our tonics work together.


Following a Healthy Diet helps our Herbal Remedies perform best

We recommend eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens, wholegrains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds . Take a look at our diet and lifestyle tips for suggestions on how to further improve the effectiveness of our tonics.

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