Our Harker Herbals Philosphy

The Holistic Healing Cycle


Central to our Harker Herbals range is Hippocrates’ philosophy that we must treat the whole body, rather than isolated parts. We focus on creating an environment for the body that supports its natural resistance to overcome disease and so bring about recovery.

If we look at the body as one whole unit, made up of many parts, consider the impact on the body overall should just one of those parts be unwell. When one part ‘breaks down’ all the other parts are affected until the whole body is under strain.

We know that a scratchy throat can be followed by mucus-covered lungs in a matter of days, until eventually the entire respiratory system is under strain. Left untreated, we find it difficult to sleep, become tired and our mood flatlines…

To help the body in its natural inclination to heal itself, we must reverse this order of degradation by working with the rejuvenating powers of nature – slowly!

So rather than focus on one part, we start at the whole body level, and work our way down.

A close look at our range reveals that, like the human body, one tonic links with another, encouraging a holistic healing cycle.

Treatment starts with a cleanse of the whole body, then we work our way down to heal the specific dysfunctional organ or body part. Individual parts will slowly regenerate, entire systems reboot themselves, and health is restored.

Take a look at our range of herbal remedies or ask our specialist how our herbal tonics and elixirs can help restore you to a better state of health and wellbeing.

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