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Formula 828 Sunpeace 125ml

Before, during and after sun-care

$19.00Formula 828 Sunpeace 125ml
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Formula 828 Sunpeace

This sun-care moisturiser is an excellent topical lotion to apply regularly, especially in the summer months

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


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This sun-care moisturiser is an excellent topical lotion to apply regularly, especially in the summer months.
Laden with cold-pressed oils and essential oils it is a must for long, hot summer days to support healthy skin and to assist in the rehydration of skin. Also deters insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies. Pleasant to apply, Sunpeace has a fresh, clean fragrance.
• An excellent in sun and after sun lotion
• Insect repellent and bite protection.
• Softens, moisturises, nourishes skin tissue.


Before and during sun, sea and snow exposure, apply generously to uncovered parts of the body and face (avoid eyes), reapply every couple of hours or so whilst outdoors, or swimming.


Oils & Ethers


  • Chamomile (Roman) (Anthemis nobilus - The flowers)A nervine and hepatic herb, chamomile is useful as a mild relaxant, supports sleep and eases other nervous conditions. It also supports joint mobility and muscle relaxation. Chamomile also has anti-U.V. ray burning properties.
  • Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum - The root)The properties of rhubarb include supporting bowel regularity and for cleansing the bowel. It is a good hepatic herb (useful to the liver) and is also a stomachic tonic (improves stomach functioning).



  • Carrageen (Irish Moss) (Chondrus crispus)Malcolm Harker tonics are unique in that every syrup, elixir and quintessence is created with unprocessed Carrageen seaweed syrup as a base. It gives syrup texture and provides ocean minerals and trace elements (including iodine) to each product. The bromides and halogens within seaweeds represent some of the greatest healing and nutritional elements for the human body. It is this seaweed-nutrient matrix that offers up to 30% of each product's therapeutic properties and efficiency.


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