Wood and Leaves

Digestion & Detox

Natural herbal tonics to support the elimination of parasites and chemical toxins.


Gently cleansing and antiseptic herbal blends to:

  • Cleanse the body and support the elimination of parasites
  • Improve energy
  • Promote healing
  • Support a healthy immune response

Recommended for:

  • Low immune responses to illness
  • Smokers and those exposed to chemical toxins
  • Difficulties with bowel motions
  • Cleansing the body before beginning treatment with a Specific Healing Tonic
"I was recently in Dunedin and purchased your " Verm-ez" Blood cleanse tonic and was very impressed by the difference it has made in my general well being . Would it be possible for you to e -mail me your catalogue? As I would like to order more products from you, as your non chemical
enhanced natural philosophy is one I totally believe in. I live in France and I'm afraid this is a country where it is very hard to find remedies of such a high standard as yours."

Joe Sheridan

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