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Amazonia Nutritional Supplements

Energy, Hormone & Collagen Support

This new formula provides a potent, organic source of 13 wholefood vitamins and minerals to support women’s physiology and wellbeing.

A non-synthetic blend with highly bioavailable nutrients, it contains Zinc and Vitamin B6 to aid in hormone regulation, fertility and reproduction, and B Vitamins and Iron help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

With Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc to support immune function, and wholefood Silica supports collagen production, Raw Wholefood Extracts Women’s Multi provides vitality the way nature intended.

Available in a delicious Peach Passionfruit flavour.

  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Caution

Blend 2 teaspoons (7g) in 250ml of water as daily maintenance. Also makes a delicious addition to smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Do not consume the enclosed absorbent device. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, please consult your healthcare professional before using.

Reseal after use. Store below 25°C in a cool, dry and dark place.

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