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  • Sinus Clear – Soothes the throat and a congested head. Also suitable to clear sinuses blocked or running through hay fever symptions.
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Tonic –take 10ml doses to support sinuses, heavy heads and raw throats. A great throat gargle and steam inhalation
  • Vitamin C Elderberry  - Fast acting immune support with high strength Elderberry. Easily absorbed & family friendly. Supports robust immune defences.

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Alexandra Coromandel Wrote:

Love harkers and all of there medicene. This is a great pack to have over winter. !

Rachel Nicholson Wrote:

I suffer from sinusitis regularly and both sinus clear and ear, nose and throat tonic have been absolute god sends! Especially recently having suffered with covid. I am yet to try the elderberry and vitamin c but knowing and trusting harker herbals I'm sure it will be fantastic. Absolutely recommend the deep lung support also