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Be Well
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Be Well

Supports a rapid and robust response for immune systems under attack. Great every day support for immune defences.

  • Supports a rapid and robust response at the first signs of feeling unwell
  • Helps dry excess mucus
  • Useful everyday support to guard against common immune threats
  • Includes Elderberry and Olive leaf, which clinical research shows supports recovery from winter-related ills.
  • Natural wild berry flavour
  • Free from gluten, dairy, alcohol and preservatives
  • Suitable for adults and young adults over 12 years
  • Can be taken long term to support immune defences
  • Not suitable in pregnancy or while breastfeeding

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    Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

    • Directions
    • Ingredients
    • Caution

    Recommended adult dosage (over 12 years)

    Get well acute: For immediate action when feeling unwell, take 5-10ml up to five times per day.

    Stay well: To maintain a proactive defence against immune threats, take 5mls twice daily.

    Shake well before use.

    Can be taken long term to support immune defences.

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    Suzanne Peel Wrote:

    Brilliant product-love it in warm water on morning to wake me up!

    Fiona B Wrote:

    We have been using this and other Harkers products for a couple of years now. We absolutely love them, they are helping us keep in tiptop shape when around exposure events. Being Keto love that most of them contain no sugar as well.

    Simone Erceg Wrote:

    In September I experienced mucus overload and combined viral guard with deep lung elixir it took nearly 3weeks to clear my system but I was so WELL supported by this combo. Aroha Nui Simone