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Formulated in New Zealand Fast and Effective Absorption High Strength Concentrate
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A gentle relaxant for little ones needing to slow down or settle into sleep. Suitable for babies and children to 12 years:

  • Sleep formula to establish healthy sleep habits and routines
  • Supports wakeful children to settle into sleep
  • Encourages relaxed, restful sleep
  • Can be used for daytime naps
  • Take before bedtime and during the night to settle back to sleep
  • Suitable for teething babies
  • Supports restless, active or worried children
  • Natural sweet orange flavour
  • Free from gluten, dairy, alcohol and preservatives

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Caution

Infants - 0-1 years: - 0.5ml 
Children 1-2 years: - 1 to 2ml (1/4 metric teaspoon)
Children 2-5 years: - 2 to 3ml (1/2 metric teaspoon)
Children 5 years and over: - 5ml (1 metric teaspoon)

For children under 5 years, take the recommended dose up to 1 hour before bed (including daytime sleeps). May also be taken during the night if awake.

For children 5 years and older, take recommended dose 3 hours before bed and another dose one hour before bed. May also be taken during the night if awake.

Do not exceed 3 doses over a 24hour period. 

To support restless or worried children during daytime, take recommended dose 3 times per day.

Shake well before use.  

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Kirsty Hayward Wrote:

Magic! Actually works amazing, I have 3 kids and it helps all of them get off to sleep much easier, I noticed a difference the first night straight away. It’s now part of our nighttime routine.

Ashleigh S Wrote:

This product is amazing. 1.5 year old teething terribly and is so energetic and busy all the time that he struggles to stay asleep. If he’s having a hard time staying asleep, we give him this product and it works so well!!! I love that it’s natural.

Amber Armstrong Wrote:

My daughter had restless sleeps and night terrors, now she sleeps undisturbed.