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Here's what people say about Harker Herbals remedies.

"...I can now sleep without scratching!

Thank you for sending the skin lotion so promptly. Samuel's skin has improved immensely since we began using the lotion.

We would now like to try him on the 566 General Tonic and the 543 Intestinal Correction Powder. I am writing to the Coeliac Society and intending putting Sam on a gluten-free diet as you advised. Thank you so much for your help and advice. It is much appreciated. We look forward to receiving the abovementioned formulae. Many thanks and God Bless You!"

S A Chamberlain
"...has been terrific for my face

I have recently been given a bottle of your Skin Soothe Lotion which has been terrific for my face.

I am hoping you would send me a catalogue of what products you have available and if you sell by mail order. If not, could you tell me if there are any shops here in the Bay of Islands that sells your products?"

Anna P.
"...great improvement within one or two weeks

In my 24 years in retail pharmacy, I have never encountered any range of products (natural or otherwise) which has offered such patient benefits as yours. The fact that your products are natural is of huge additional benefit. Of the thousands of bottles of your herbal products that have been sold from my pharmacy, I am yet to encounter a single adverse effect. I have had countless people thank me for introducing me to your range.

Those whom I can convince to try Malcolm Harkers 566 General Tonic and 528 Skin Soothe Lotion almost always show great improvement within one or two weeks. Within our business practices we soon build up our own anecdotal evidence of what is most likely to be effective in a particular situation.

Good luck in your battle to keep the health of open-minded New Zealanders moving in a positive direction."

Tony T.
" simply the best aloe vera product I have ever used!

I managed to get two small jars from the Health Shop at Okara Park, yesterday. The lady, there, said that the other two jars would be gone by the next day. Apparently, farmers get very dry hands and your jelly fixes this. I have found this, too, but I use it as a moisturiser, as well, and for just about any other thing - burns, cuts, etc. and find that it works exceptionally well.

I had tried importing additive-free aloe vera from the States, but it was too runny and had to be kept in the fridge. The other alternatives are too thick, something to do with the polymers, or whatever it is that they use, I suppose. It would be better to grow a plant and use it straight, albeit with a somewhat sticky result. Yours is excellent. Instant absorbtion, but not uncomfortable if applied thickly, and obviously, the other ingredients complement the aloe vera perfectly. I think it is the best product I have ever used. Feel free to use whatever comments you wish and I shall be recommending it wherever I can. Thank you for conceiving it."

Lin T.
"I find this very good for skin blemishes and is also a good moisturizer."
"I had my tummy button pierced - remembered the 900 Healing Salve and used that - wonderful - great - now use on anything and everything - a great, superior product - keep up the good work- appreciate time and energy you put into such good product. Will tell everyone how good it is."
"...has the beautiful clear skin

I really wanted to email you to let you know how thrilled we are with your product! I cannot praise it enough. The results are amazing - quite unbelievable! My daughter has the beautiful clear skin she has always hoped for!

Thank you so much. I will certainly use your products for other conditions and will highly recommend your products to family and friends. She is still continuing with a very natural diet.

Many thanks again from both of us. The stress levels in the house have certainly been alleviated!"

"I just wanted to provide some feedback about one of your products 924 Shaving Lotion. It is good stuff, but I guess you already knew that. I purchased via a health food store in Paraparaumu. I had used 'Kiss my Face' from the United States for years and recently started using 'Living Nature' to try a New Zealand product. At the time that was all they had but my last trip they had your product so I thought I would give it a try. Your product is cheaper and I actually like it better, I may like the smell of the Living Nature product but for some reason I go through razor blades faster with it. Also might I suggest you put your URL or website on the label. Just on the off-chance I thought I would look to see if you are on the web and found your site. Best of luck in the New Year and many thanks - Cheers!!"
Cliff T.
"This is just a personal note to thank you for leaving so much stock for Alice and the crew, which was very kind. My partner and I have just used one of your hair shampoos (942 Vanilla Orchard), which is just delightful.

Sorry it's taken me a week to email you thanks, as I say this is a personal email and nothing to do with Triangle TV, we just wanted to take the time to thank you both personally.

Keep on doing what you both do so well. It was a pleasure meeting you both."

David Hartnell
Triangle Television Studio
"...wonderfully effective!

I'm writing from the United States regarding my visit to NZ and (what was then) your shop in Northland back in the 1990s. I was writing on the exquisite gardens of your country for an American publication. At the time I purchased your 1025 Arnica Bruise Cream and was so impressed. Between my gardening work and running I get a lot of bruises. I've bought many other arnica based bruise / joint creams here in the States and they just don't measure up to your wonderfully effective formula."

Barbara B.
"First and foremost I would like to thank you so much for your fantastic product range. My medicine cabinet looks much like your product display shelf in the health shop!! As does my Mum's, my sisters and the many many friends that I share you with.

This time last week I severely sprained my ankle. The bruising and swelling was incredible - I thought that it was minimal until the bruising actually came through - many people that saw it recommended that I see a doctor straight away!! However, I have lost faith in orthodox medicine due to many reasons. So I have explored the many and varied alternative healers that we are so blessed to have in this country. One of those people being yourself.

Back to my sprained ankle - I did not use crutches, but I used a compression bandage and loads of your 1025 Arnica & Daisy Bruise Cream. I massaged this into my entire foot and lower leg and within one week I am walking on it without a limp - I was taking weight on it within days - I kept off it as much as a working solo Mum can.

So, it is with delight that I type this message to tell you that your medicines are fantastic - and I am continuing to spread the word.

Keep up the great work that you continue to do - you are helping this generation to reconsider the way that they treat themselves to become healthy and well again."

Paula I.
Love and Light
"The choices available that truly work with a great degree of efficacy are few. Eutherol, Empyshemol, and the Blessed Relief Balm are three remedies that, in my opinion, stand apart from all the rest.

As an orthodox health professional, I am very aware of the myriad of remedies available on the market, both "mainstream" and "natural", so to speak.

The choices available that truly work with a great degree of efficacy are few. Eutherol, Empyshemol, and the Blessed Relief Balm are three remedies that, in my opinion, stand apart from all the rest.

I have personally used the Malcolm Harker range on my own family, including my two young children, with incredible results. In fact such is the integrity of Malcolm Harkers herbal range that I have sent remedies to family members overseas with ailments that have been continual and annoying, only to achieve fantastic results. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any of the comprehensive range of formulas available for any of the recommended indications."

Harnam Sudan
Pharmacist, Wilkinsons Unichem Pharmacy, Queenstown
"Please send this cream by airmail as I urgently need it. I was living in Australia and have bought the cream there. There is nothing like this in Europe. It is excellent. It is the only thing I have found to help my whiplash injury. Urgent!"
Emma A.
"...the best product I have used

I was given your 1025 Arnica & Daisy Bruise Cream to try and it is the best product I have used! It is just amazing! My only problem is that because it was given to me they can't remember where they bought it from. Do you have any stockist of this wonderful product here in Auckland? I am in desperate need of more of this cream."

Tenille W.
"I have used the Balsam for lower back twice a week for which I found it very useful, but I have run out! Others I know have used the product and have found it pretty good."
T. Brown
"...extremely effective in relieving muscular aches and stiffness

I have been using 1060 Bee Venom Balsam off and on for a period of approximately 6 months and have found it to be extremely effective in relieving muscular stiffness. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anybody with a soft tissue or muscular injury."

Steve D.
"Just a quick email to say we are getting excellent reports on 908 Balm of Apis, a lady in Remuera has ordered 6 bottles, had purchased the bottle some time ago, and was very pleased with the outcome.

A lady who owns 26 Jett Fitness Gyms in NZ was recommended 825 Verm-ez, 858 Livernurse and 565 Calmunurse and was so pleased with the results with herself personally. She is applying for a wholesale account and wants to stock all of these formulae in her gyms.

I thought it would be nice for you to have a feedback on this."

Luv Jan
"I was recently in Dunedin and purchased your " Verm-ez" Blood cleanse tonic and was very impressed by the difference it has made in my general well being . Would it be possible for you to e -mail me your catalogue? As I would like to order more products from you, as your non chemical
enhanced natural philosophy is one I totally believe in. I live in France and I'm afraid this is a country where it is very hard to find remedies of such a high standard as yours."

Joe Sheridan
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