Deep Lung Support


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Powerful natural support to clear sticky mucus from the lungs and relax the chest for easy breathing. This potent herbal tonic combines more than 20 plant-based ingredients to soothe and settle the chest and lungs and support removal of stubborn mucus build-up. The herbs and plant oils thin mucus, making it easier to remove.  Includes peppermint and eucalyptus to support open airways. Deep Lung Support is Malcolm Harker's most famous lung tonic loved by generations of New Zealanders.  

  • Helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest
  • Supports bronchial and respiratory health
  • Calms and soothes chest agitation
  • Useful support to open the airways
  • Also useful if exposed to high air pollution and smoke
  • Liquid formula for fast absorption
  • Can be taken long term
  • Vegan-friendly

Always read the label and take only as directed. 

  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Caution

Adults (over 12 years): 10-20mls 3 to 4 times daily

Make sure you shake the bottle vigourously before taking a dose.

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Sarah O'Sullivan Wrote:

I have just taken this to try to relieve a very persistent and physically draining cough that had latest close to two weeks with no sign of abating. Nothing else I had tried was working. One dose eased it straight away. I am amazed. 💯 recommend this product.

Anke Sim Wrote:

Deep lung support

Catherine T Wrote:

My Dad used your deep lung support for many years and it gave him a much better quality of life before passing at an old age.... My Husband a Vietnam Veteran with Agent Orange damage to his lungs relied on this for the last few years of his life just to keep having some quality of life and some easy nights from coughing etc... Just wanted to thank you for this product as I dont know what he would have done without it.