Ear,Nose & Throat + Immune

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Ear, Nose & Throat - Harker Herbals Ear Nose & Throat is a go-to tonic for thousands of New Zealanders when battling winter ills and chills.

  • This classic herbal blend focuses on the upper respiratory tract, helping clear the airways in stuffy heads and soothing the ears, nasal passages and throats.
  • Great to take at the first sign of ills and chills.
  • Includes plant-based ingredients to support the immune system under attack.
  • Excellent as a throat gargle.
  • Useful support to open the airways
  • Great for those exposed to high air pollution

Immune Tonic - A harmonious blend of herbs and essential oils, this traditional tonic is designed to boost and build immunity and energy.

  • May support the body's natural immune responses and recovery
  • Provides vital blood nutrients and oxygen-rich minerals
  • Specific for those prone to repeat illness

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